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We give 1/4 of our fees back to the artist with no compromise on value for collectors.

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The fastest route to sale and purchase on the market.

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  • You don’t have to write eye catching descriptions, there’s no negotiating with potential buyers or futsing around with shipping.
  • With our Sell Now feature, you can sell your artwork in less than 60 seconds.

  • Collect from the entire portfolio of artists and access new exclusive print releases
  • Access powerful data to make smart buying decisions

Support artists

1/4 of our fees go back to the artist. No exceptions.

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It may seem counterintuitive, but FairArt’s industry-leading fees make it profitable for you to support your favourite artists. There are no more excuses. Artist royalties must become the new standard. Learn more.

Best value

Maximising seller’s earnings and minimising buyer’s costs.

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No more opaque pricing. Fairart provides the lowest, clearest fees in the industry.

New & Authentic

It’s simple. Get the item you ordered, or your money back.

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To ensure all users can buy and sell on the platform in confidence, all transactions are protected by the FairArt Guarantee

We are the first marketplace in the industry to offset all of our shipments!

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How it works

Unlike auction houses and galleries, we take no part in influencing prices. We believe you as the seller or buyer are best placed to determine a fair price.

FairArt is a live marketplace where prices reflect real-time demand.

Buying and selling transaction video

As a buyer, you can either:

Decide on a price that works for you and submit an ‘Offer’


Or ‘Buy Now’ from the ‘Lowest Listing’

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As a seller, you can either:

Decide on a price that works for you and submit a ‘Listing’


Or ‘Sell Now’ to the ‘Highest Offer’

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