Low Fees. Big Impact.

Our industry-leading fees make it profitable to support artists.

What are FairArt’s selling fees?

There are no hidden fees. No add-on fees. Nothing else. What you see is what you pay.

Our fees could not be more straightforward:
  • Listing is absolutely free.
  • We charge a 6% platform fee.
  • We charge a 3% artist royalty.
  • Fees are only collected if a sale is made.

How we compare

These figures are correct as of 29/11/22.

artist royalties

We achieve all this while giving 1/4 of all our fees back to the artist.
There are no more excuses for not giving artists their fair share.


There is a 3-4% verification fee for buyers, which allows us to undertake the additional authentication steps needed to protect the integrity of the FairArt marketplace.