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The most convenient & sustainable way to ship your collection.

Great Rates

Take advantage of reduced shipping rates. We pass on the benefits of our exclusive partnership with DHL Express: "the most reliable express carrier in the world".


Either drop off your item at one of the 1,000s of DHL service points across the UK or arrange a free home collection (recommended) at no extra cost. You’ll never have to meet a stranger in a strange place.

Tracked Next-Day

We provide our sellers with a pre-paid DHL label, with free next day delivery and tracking on all items.


Option to fully insure your items against loss, theft or damage during transit at industry-leading prices.
Ship in 3 easy steps
Pack with care & attach label

Once your item sells (congrats!), we send you a prepaid shipping label by email. You have 3 days to ship your item.

Package the item by following our packing guidance so it arrives safely, including placing any relevant authentication documents inside.

Print the label and attach it to the outside of the package.

Ship within 3 business days
Shipping that suits you. You can either:

  1. Drop off the package at your nearest DHL drop-off point, or
  2. Arrange a free home collection (recommended) directly with DHL.
Get Paid

Every item can be tracked in transit using the DHL Waybill Number found on your shipping label.

Once the item has been delivered, the buyer has 5 business days to raise any issues, after which we release the funds to you.

Packing guidance

We’re here to help you package your item whatever its shape, so you can ship it off safely and to make sure your item arrives to the buyer as promised.





Flat Pack

Tubes are a great way of safely getting art prints from a to b.

We have a few recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Try to use the same tube the artwork was originally packaged in.
  2. The tube should be at least 6 cm (2.4 inch) longer than the shortest side of the artwork when flat.
  3. Rolling your artwork can feel daunting.
    1. First lay a protective cloth/paper/bubble wrap on a flat surface
    2. We then recommend laying out a sheet of acid-free protective paper that will help protect your artwork from the inside of the tube.
    3. Now place the artwork on the protective sheet (to be extra safe you can add an additional layer of protective paper on top).
    4. Take the ends of your work and pull them over, creating a soft arch. Do not fold the work.
    5. Now roll it up like a tasty sushi 🍣 or burrito 🌯 Be careful not to roll the work too tightly.
    6. We recommend taping the roll in place with masking tape.
  4. When inserting your artwork in the tube, place some cushioning (bubble wrap or archival paper) on either side of the tube to prevent the work from moving around during transit.
  5. Ordinarily each end of the tube is sealed with a twist or push cap. Fix each twist or push cap in place with the use of tape or staples (N.B. ensure the staples do not damage the artwork).
  6. You’ve done it! Your artwork is now ready to be shipped to its new home.

For more on packing check out the DHL Essential Packing Guide.
Schedule a pick-up

Scheduling a DHL Express home collection couldn’t be easier.

  • Go to the DHL portal for sheduling a pickup.

  • Answer the questions as per the below example (image for guidance)
    • Do you need to create a shipping label? No
    • Select “I have a DHL Waybill Number” in the dropdown menu below.
    • Enter your Waybill Number from the label we sent you (remove any spaces).
      • You can find the 10 digit waybill number on the shipping label PDF we sent to your email
    • Fill in your country code and phone number, then click Next.

  • Enter the pickup location, then click Next.

  • Enter the number of packages (1), the total weight, and the dimensions, then click Next.
    • If you are unable to weigh your item, please use a default value of 5 kg.

  • Schedule the pickup time, then click Schedule Pickup.

That’s it! Easy as pie.