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Why buy on FairArt?

For every purchase you make on FairArt, you are directly supporting the artist you love and helping to create a fairer art market for all.

FairArt Guarantee

Buy with confidence. Every item is 100% protected by the FairArt Guarantee.

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It’s pretty simple. Get the artwork you ordered or your money back. Everybody qualifies. No exceptions. No exclusions.

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Instant delivery

Our partnership with DHL Express guarantees next-day delivery on all items.

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Have you ever had a seller drag a sale on and on with continued false promises and missed delivery dates?

On FairArt, sellers don’t get the chance to make up an excuse. Once an item sells, the seller is given 3 days to dispatch their item - no ifs or buts.

We’ve partnered with the fastest shipping service in the game to ensure that once an item is sent it will arrive to you within 24 hours. Find out more here.

Support artists

It’s true. We give 1/4 of our fees back to the artist!

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It may seem counterintuitive, but FairArt’s industry-leading fees make it profitable for you to support your favourite artists. There are no more excuses. Artist royalties must become the new standard. Learn more


Access powerful data to make smart buying decisions.

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Too often collectors are inundated with misinformation. We want to provide the tools to allow all collectors to make informed decisions.

Gone are the days of scouring the internet trying to find price history and market trends. We make every transaction on our platform publicly available and translate all of our data into powerful analytics to help you make better decisions.

Unlike auction houses and galleries, we take no part in influencing prices. We believe that you as the seller are best placed to determine a fair price. FairArt is a live marketplace where prices reflect real-time demand.

How buying works
Buy or Offer

The power is in your hands.
Once on an item’s product page, there are two ways to buy on FairArt

1. Buy Now

If an item has at least 1 active Listing, you can decide to buy it instantly by selecting ‘Buy Now’. You will be purchasing from the Lowest Listing.

2. Make Offer

If there are no active Listings, or if you decide the Lowest Listing’s price is too high, you can instead make an Offer at a price of your choosing.

If you have the Highest Offer, a seller who places a Listing that matches yours will instantly sell to you.

Your order is sent

Once your order is confirmed, we provide the seller with a shipping label and they have 3 days to ship your item. You will receive tracking updates by email.

In the meantime, you can sit back, relax and wait for your item to arrive.

Unpack & Enjoy!

After receiving your item, you have 5 days to flag any issues with us before payment is released to the seller.

Every time you tag a purchase on Instagram with #BoughtOnFairart, you will get one free entry into our monthly competition 👀 🎁. We’ll be sure to show you some love as well!

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