To ensure all users can buy and sell on the platform in confidence, all transactions are protected by the FairArt Guarantee

8 Layers of Protection

Buy & sell with peace of mind

The FairArt Guarantee

It’s simple. Get the artwork you ordered or your money back.

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Additional Authentication

Certain artworks undergo additional checks from the team.

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Certain higher risk artworks of value will require additional information, such as images of the artwork, the certificate of authenticity or the original receipt before the listing can go live.

KYC Verification

There is nowhere for fraudsters to hide with Stripe.

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To ensure the integrity of our marketplace, every seller must meet the latest marketplace KYC requirements to minimise any risk of fraudulent transactions, fraud accounts or money laundering. Most importantly, this ensures a seller is who they say they are.


As a buyer, your payment is safe until you are happy.

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Once you have received your artwork, you have 5 days to flag any issues to us. If there are any issues with your purchase we will freeze the payment immediately and begin to process your return.

New condition

No nonsense policy on condition. Artworks must be ‘as new’ and that’s that.

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What does this mean?
  • No scuffs / rips
  • No discoloration / fading
  • No grease
  • No water damage
  • No damage to signature
  • No missing documents

Artist Involvement

When all else fails, we will lean on our artists for the final say on authenticity.

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Because of our royalty scheme, artists have a financial stake in each and every transaction that takes place on the FairArt platform through our royalty scheme. They are not only financially motivated however. Artists also feel compelled to remove forgeries of their work from the market to both protect both their supporters and the integrity of their practice.

Background checks

Each collector is internally vetted by the team and categorised by considering a number of factors.

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Everything from a collector’s position in the industry and levels of past activity on FairArt, to social media use and buying and selling patterns is taken into account. An example of how this might play out would be that certain high risk items may be off limits for first-time collectors, whereas an established gallery would meet fewer restrictions. In being a two-way market, buyers are equally scrutinised, and we look to move past the outdated maxim of other marketplaces: ’the buyer is always right’. If we block a listing or purchase, we will always get in touch to request further information to help us protect the integrity of our marketplace.

FairArt Shipping

Tracking, in depth updates and time-stamped proof of delivery. Shipping has never been so secure.

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All shipments come with time-stamped proof of delivery - sellers no longer need to worry about buyers claiming an item was undelivered. Buyers will no longer be kept out of the loop and receive regular updates by mail and SMS on their shipment’s progress. Insurance can be added to each and every item to give sellers that extra peace of mind.

Every sale on FairArt is sent tracked, next-day delivery. Learn more about shipping.

The FairArt Guarantee

It couldn’t be simpler
Get the artwork you ordered or your money back.

FairArt Guarantee applies if:

The buyer doesn't receive the artwork

The artwork received by the buyer doesn't match the listing:
  • The seller sent the wrong artwork, or
  • The artwork arrives broken, damaged, faulty, or
  • The required documents are not included

If you believe there to be an issue with the condition or authenticity of your item then you can raise a claim. While reviewing your claim, we may request further info. To do this you should:

How claims work
Make a claim
Once you receive an item, you have 3 days to raise a claim.
Claims are considered for issues relating to the condition or authenticity of an item.
There are several ways to raise a claim:
While reviewing your claim, we may request further info.
To help us process your claim as quickly as possible, please include your order number, describe the reason for your claim and include any accompanying evidence.
Return & Refund
As a buyer

If your claim has been successful, we will provide you with a prepaid return label. Simply attach the label and drop off the package at one of DHL’s 1,000s of service points across the UK or arrange a free home collection (recommended) within 3 days.

Once the item has been received, all funds will be returned to your account.

As a Seller

If you fail to send an item in the required condition, your buyer is entitled to a full refund.

You will get an opportunity to answer any claims regarding either authenticity or condition that come through.

If you lose the claim, you are responsible for both the buyer’s return shipment costs and the initial shipment costs.

The buyer will be refunded once the item has been returned to you.