, b. 1979

Stik is an anonymous British street artist known for his iconic depictions of unassuming stick figures scrawled upon water towers, brick walls, and gated doors around the globe. Meant to convey feelings of insecurity in an urban setting, the artist draws from his own experience of homelessness as a young man. “A lot of my work is loaded with a kind of melancholy,” he has said. “But I do try to put a positive or a light bit of gravitas in it so people can actually relate to it and it feels like something human.” Born circa mid-1980s in London, United Kingdom, the artist like his contemporary Banksy, has revealed little of his early life other than that he began his foray into graffiti around 2001. Quickly becoming a much-talked-about persona on the street, he has continued to remain conscientious of the community who will live amidst his work after its completion. In 2011, Stik was the subject of a solo show at Imitate Modern Gallery in London and has gone on to participate in a number of exhibitions worldwide. He is currently based of out of London, United Kingdom.