Stanley Donwood

, b. 1968

Stanley Donwood is the nom de plume of a popular English graphic designer, artist and writer. He is best known for his association with the British band Radiohead. He designed album cover art and posters for the band since 1994. Born on October 29, 1968, Donwood was originally named Dan Rickwood and later adopted the pen name. He received his higher education from the University of Exeter. Upon graduation, he went on to work as a freelance artist in Plymouth, England. While studying at Exeter, he had a chance to meet Thom Yorke, the lead vocal artist of Radiohead. Donwood’s first impression of Yorke was that he was ‘mouthy’ and irritated. Yorke found Donwood’s appearance better than his and upon that he based the assumption he would either like him or end up working with him for a long time. Eventually, Donwood was asked to design a cover art for Radiohead’s 1994 single My Iron Lung. Henceforth, began their long-term work relationship. He produced artwork for all the Radiohead’s promotional material, including Yorke’s solo albums.