Ross Muir

, b. 1981

Scottish artist Ross Muir recreates iconic artworks and imagery with a contemporary twist. From Adidas tracksuits to witty slogans, the artist creates prints and paintings inspired by the history of art. Vincent van Gogh, Henri Mattise and Pablo Picasso are just a few of the historic creatives the artist has paid homage to. Turning to painting later in life, Muir has only just begun to untap his limitless creative potential; with The Maddox Gallery proud to announce that in April 2021, Muir joined the Gallery’s roster of talented artists. Born in 1981, Ross Muir grew up in Alexandria in the Vale of Leven, Scotland before moving to Glasgow in 2009. Turning to art later in life, with no formal artistic training and after having received a small set of paints as a gift, Muir was aged 30 when he started his artistic practice. Painting first as a hobby as well as a means of escaping from past troubles, Muir’s raw talent and ingenious creativity immediately shone through. With the support of his friends and family, Muir became a full-time artist just a few years later.