Miles Johnston

, b. 1993

Miles Johnston, a renowned conceptual artist and illustrator, has garnered a following of over 1 million on Instagram for his remarkable surreal pencil drawings. His artwork delves into the depths of the human psyche, presenting captivating and dreamlike illustrations that depict faces and bodies altered through slicing, melting, and other distortions. Through these visual manipulations, Johnston skillfully conveys the hidden thoughts, fears, and emotions harbored within the minds of his subjects. Drawing inspiration from the graphic works of influential 20th-century surrealists such as M.C. Escher, Zdzisław Beksiński, Takato Yamamoto, and Ernst Fuchs, Johnston employs a mind-bending artistic approach. This unique style is particularly evident in his ongoing series titled "Transformation," which is divided into four distinct parts: "Deform," "Divide," "Attract," and "Recur." Each segment showcases his mastery in evoking surreal and thought-provoking imagery. Having received his education at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Johnston now shares his knowledge and passion as a teacher at the institution. In 2018, he achieved a significant milestone in his artistic career with his inaugural solo exhibition, titled "Interoception," held at Last Rites Gallery in New York City. Furthermore, his exceptional works have been featured in numerous group exhibitions throughout Australia and the United States, solidifying his reputation as an esteemed artist in the industry.