Miaz Brothers

, b. 1965

Born in 1965 and 1968 respectively, the two brothers Renato and Roberto were raised in Milan, Italy. Both siblings were close from a young age, exploring artistic processes and embarking on creative adventures together. The duo both proceeded to study art and European design at university and were guided by similar principles. Wishing to take a more holistic approach to their training, the Miaz Brothers modelled their education on the training of Renaissance artists, focussing on travel, philosophy and studying a diverse range of practices. Their mutual eschewal of the gallery system and harmonious relationship made their decision to become a creative duo a natural and inevitable choice for their joint progression. Their first exhibition was in 1996 at the Viafarini Gallery in Milan. Focussing on visual interpretation and genetics, the installation not only signalled the beginning of a deep interrogation of visual perception for the artists but also marked the start of the Miaz Brothers trialling a plethora of different mediums. During this time period, the Miaz Brothers were regularly operating in unconventional venues alongside their gallery shows. Nightclubs and music events offered a more experimental approach to their practice and presented a diverse audience, allowing the brothers to hone their artistic skills whilst exploring new digital innovations. Between 1996 and 2000, the brothers collaborated with an array of iconic brands, including Nike and Swatch watches. Following this and alongside the new millennium, the duo decided to make a change and moved to New York to further progress their careers. In the consequent years, the Miaz Brothers have continued to travel extensively, discovering new cultures in all the corners of the globe and expanding their practice in the process. In recent years, the Miaz Brothers have narrowed their diverse operation to focus on portrait painting, exploring the transitory nature of existence. Their blurred renderings of assorted characters provide viewers with an active visual experience that continues to mystify and amaze. Taking up residency in our Shepherd Market gallery for 2020, the Miaz Brothers exhibited their latest body of work in an exciting solo exhibition at Maddox’s Mayfair Gallery in 2021.