, b. 1984

Born in France in 1984, contemporary and urban artist Flog draws his inspiration from the icons who cradled his youth. The artist Flog provides us a color wave scheme that represents the tumultuous and fleeting impressions of life. Pieces by Flog are uniquely created where our intimate desires and emotions collide. His identifiable style is based on opposing contrasts and opacity of traditional colors. Flog depicts his vision of a quest, consummated through a confession oscillating between empty and full. His passion for urban art and pop culture is evoked by characters who cater to painting. Flog unveils a delicate universe creating a dream-like, romantic, and subtle sarcastic interpretation. Far from wanting to make a statement about his art, Flog gladly leaves the viewer the choice of a free interpretation where everyone can come together and recreate the story according to their own sensibilities. Flog lyrically expounds upon his work as the following: "Art is to me like a long, endless monologue, a story without words, a subtle wave of metaphors and poems."