Edgar Plans

, b. 1977

Born in 1977, Madrid, Spain, Edgar Plans now lives and works in the seaside town of Gijon. Son of the celebrated fictional writer Juan Jose Plans, he grew up in a household where his creative spirit was unabashedly encouraged. From a young age he exhibited a keen interest in art, but much to the dismay of his teachers, he would not fall in line. He was already drawn to the charming comic and animated characters we love him for today. At 15, he undertook a more traditional artistic education at the studio of José María Ramos, but after two years he left and was ready to develop his own style. Plans’ fondness of street art would heavily inform his craft, as he repurposed the free-flowing and expressive nature of graffiti to serve as the backdrop to his works. These sprawling backdrops, riddled with overlapping narratives, are then inhabited by the cartoonish characters he grew up with. These whimsical figures may seem playful at first, but a closer look reveals a more profound purpose, as they bring to light many of today's social injustices. For a fleeting moment, these nuanced and loaded issues seem to make sense, the answers seem simple, as Plans lets us look through the lens of a child. Currently represented by Almine Rech, Plans is known for making his art accessible to all of his supporters, so look out for more exciting edition releases