Clown Skateboards

, b. 2000

(2000-2005) Clown Skateboards established. Banksy designed the logo and first series of decks. First crew to bring skateboarding/art and sound system culture together on her majesty's island. Simon Skipp led a team of misfits. Boards/tours /art exhibitions/street/club nights/ fu*ckery/burnout. (2005-2020) Powernap to recharge (2020 - now) Clown rises once more with Jeff, Vikas, and Simon. Here to finish what we started. So joins the fold to bring the creative ruckus. Skipp & Chris are back to create a new bunch of misfits. CIC formed. Clown now up for grabs in the EU. Circus is live. Clown America formed Dot dot dot "We love independent skate shops/makers/building communities/we hate eBay re-sellers"