CJ Hendry

, b. 1988

Australian artist CJ Hendry began making art as a hobby, but found success on Instagram and left university to pursue an art career. In 2014, she made her first sale with a depiction of a pair of boots made by Australian footwear company R.M. Williams that sold for $10,000. Since then, her compositions have reportedly earned her millions. Initially, Hendry created large-scale, hyperrealistic ink drawings of luxury objects - always in black and white - with each piece taking up to 200 hours to complete. She later pivoted to creating photorealistic drawings of subjects like disco balls and a $100 bill with Kanye West’s face emblazoned across it - which the pop icon bought from the artist. In a 2017 collaboration with fashion house Christian Louboutin, Hendry expanded her practice to include color, rendering hyperreal globs of vivid paint using colored pencils.