, b. 1990

BLOK, a prominent UK street artist, is renowned for his vibrant and distinctive style that is instantly recognizable. Hailing from Leeds, England, BLOK's early creations can still be found in his hometown, but his artistic influence extends throughout the country. One of his most notable pieces overlooks London's famous Kings Road, and local residents have chosen to preserve it, citing the joy it brings and expressing a desire to have similar artwork on their own houses. BLOK takes pleasure in "putting characters up on the streets to brighten the days of some and annoy others." While he has been a street artist since 2013, he has more recently ventured into canvas work and screen printing. Remarkably, his artwork has already captivated the attention of prominent collectors worldwide, with his first three screen prints selling out within seconds. Love, friendship, and unity form the thematic core of much of BLOK's work. He believes that his art serves as a catalyst for conversation and encourages people to look up instead of down. Recalling one of his early significant pieces, BLOK reminisces about using a roller brush, makeshift ladders, and a 4-meter-long roller-stick made from broken broomsticks and poles. The artwork, approximately 30x50ft in size, featured a brown and white character holding hands with red hearts above. It struck a chord with people and resonated deeply. Initially trained in graphic design, BLOK eventually gravitated toward working in public spaces. Reflecting on his experiences, he shares anecdotes of evading the police and realizing that most people comply with a stranger wearing a high-visibility vest. By adopting this guise, he could navigate public spaces with relative ease, though encounters with figures of real authority occasionally presented challenges. Despite the obstacles, BLOK devotes great care and attention to detail in his work, a task made somewhat easier when working on canvas as opposed to dangling upside down from a 50ft railway bridge.