Andrew Scott

, b. 1991

Scott is well-known for his viral frame alterations, including his broken glass art technique which creates the illusion of characters interacting with the frames containing them. He uses his hands, hammers, chisels, and other tools to break the glass surfaces of his works. In other pieces, he destroys or manipulates the frames, further altering the materials that encase his artworks. The end result is the same: the works take on a life of their own. The glass shatters when a child hits a foul ball, a boxer takes a punch, and a kid shoots a slingshot. Elsewhere, a man uses a sledgehammer in an attempt to escape the frame. Inspired by the communication style of editorial illustrators and street artists, Scott’s work is defined by visual plot twists, conceptual storytelling, and symbolic subversion. His grayscale colour palette is marked with bursts of red colour. Scott is interested in the complex psychology of the human mind and the variety of feelings that come with emotional growth, evident in the detailed facial expressions and intense behaviours portrayed in his illustrations. Andrew Scott: “My work celebrates the beauty in hope, perseverance, and growth — as well as in struggle, melancholy, and introspection.”